Effortless safety and security with Kami Home Vision AI

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Kami Home Vision AI In Action

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AI-powered security for any home with optional 24/7 Professional Monitoring.
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See what’s happening from anywhere and safely store your private videos in the cloud.
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Keep your family safe with Kami Home

Meet your new security copilot.


Safer home, easier life

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Smart Alerts

Kami Home's AI-vision can detect humans, vehicles and animals. Get custom alerts that matter to you.

Secure Cloud Video Storage

Get instant access to your alert videos anytime, anywhere.

AI-powered Cameras

You can choose from a variety of 2K resolution AI-powered indoor and outdoor cameras.

Kami ProSecurity:

Protect your whole home effortlessly 24/7

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24/7 Emergency response

Round-the-clock monitoring for suspicious activities and RapidSOS enabled emergency dispatch in just a few minutes.

Only Detect Real Threats

Only when the camera detects a person, will you be alerted. Other motion from pets, moving curtains/shadows won’t set it off.

Video Verification of Alarms

All suspicious activities will have a video recording for verification and are stored securely for 6 months for future investigation.

Fall Detect:

24/7 emergency response and fall detection for seniors living at home

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99.9% Accurate Fall Detection

Never miss a fall or receive false alerts with Kami Home’s advanced AI fall sensor system.

Hassle-free Setup

Get set up in minutes with the Kami Home app. All you need is WiFi and access to a standard electrical outlet.

Fast Emergency Assistance

Quickly alerts senior’s emergency contacts via SMS and phone call, and Dispatches 911 if needed.