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No Hidden Fees. 100% Security.

We believe everyone should be able to have home security. Our cloud storage comes with bank-level encryption and security at an affordable price.

Safer Home, Easier Life

Join millions of cloud protected homes that are enjoying security today. Choose your tailored solution according to your home security needs and storage time preferences.

Find and Playback Only What Matters

Quickly scan through your recording and jump directly to the important events of the day with fast-forward speeds of up to 32x. You can easily download video or clips into your local storage*.

Keep Your Recordings Longer

Store your video recordings in the cloud for up 30 days. Get instant access to your recordings anytime, anywhere.

Get Extra Peace of Mind

Whether you’re on vacation or simply not home, you can back up everything to Kami Cloud. You'll never have to worry about storage, it's all there in Kami Cloud.